Poultry is one of the healthiest meats due to its high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals. To preserve the nutritional value of the poultry, its treatment and storage are of high significance. We at IGLEN are proud to present you a meat product of a high quality, carefully selected and prepared for you!

Pork is reckoned to be one of the tastiest meat and that is the reason why it is the most preferred meat for the preparation of delicious meals. We at IGLEN work with producers, which have proven themselves with the precision and rigour to their production, so we can have the opportunity to offer you a product of a high and proven quality!

Veal is a meat that is present in the European cuisine since ancient times. Its high nutritional value and high quality of the meat is greatly praised by all clients with high expectations towards their food. The selection of suppliers is in an advanced stage and in a foreseeable future we at IGLEN will be able to offer you a product, corresponding to your and our high expectations!




New product range for BBQ„IGLEN
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